Podcast Episodes

Payroll Tax Holiday

What is a payroll tax holiday and how does it effect me? Is this good? Or Bust?
https://www.forbes.com/advisor/personal-finance/calculate-your-payroll-tax-savings-under-trumps-executive-order/ Topics: FICA, Social Security, Medicare, Increased Paychecks, Money, Finance

Best Time For A Car Deal

As "19" continues to strain the economy and Americans are quarantined at home, Car Manufacturers are offering GREAT INCENTIVES on all makes and models. This episode is about the Best Time For A Car Deal. Resources:
(Trade-in Value) https://www.kbb.com/ (Auto Loan Calculator) https://www.cars.com/car-loan-calculator/ (Car Prices, Owner Reviews) https://www.truecar.com/ New & Used Cars https://www.cargurus.com/

Fear, Mortgages, and 19 Pandemic

With the 19 Pandemic sweeping across the world causing fear, creating job losses, and destroying the global economy, it's time to take a step back and look at the situation in its entirety and don't make decisions in fear, but make calculated decisions. This episode focuses on Fear, Mortgages, and The "19 Pandemic"
Daily Mortgage Rates - https://www.mortgagecenter.com/next-steps-to-purchase-your-home/todays-rates

The Vapor of A Legend

What will the headlines say the day we die? How will we be remembered? Any regrets?This episode focuses on death, life, and living!Topics:Death, Life, Future, Legacy, Relationships

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Why do we judge people, situations, or anything we encounter

Maximize Your Paycheck, Minimize Taxes, and Don't Blow Your Refund

This episode is about ways to maximize your paycheck and pay Uncle Sam as little as possible.

Christmas & Money

Why do we overspend during Christmas? Why is it difficult to handle money? It is time to get control of our life and money and there is no better time that the start of 2020!


Launch of Broke Christian Podcast! Introduction episode on myself, What is Broke Christian, Why did I start it, How It will help, and more! Let's start 2020 with a bang and go get it!